(continued from When the Worship Experience is Led by You:  The Impact of Yoga Teachers)

When presented with the requirement of a written and demonstrative thesis for advanced teacher training graduation, I wanted to select a topic that was deeply meaningful to me yet also relevant to a wide array of yoga students and teachers.

Today in America, 79.5 percent of the population claims a Christian religious affiliation (246 million people). [53] Also, recent statistics show that 8.7 percent of the U.S. population practices yoga (20.4 million people).[54] These two populations are going to have overlap and millions of Americans will find themselves resonating with both categories.

Christians practicing yoga is not an uncommon phenomenon. (See these resources Christians Practicing Yoga, Holy Yoga and Yahweh Yoga  for additional information).

Yet dissention from some church leaders may have certain students questioning the advantages of a yoga practice not for their physical and mental selves, but for their souls.

As one who has studied yoga, yogic texts and also the Bible, I find fallacies in the arguments that yoga undermines the Christian faith or opens the door to the evil forces.

As one who has practiced yogic techniques and also the Christian precepts of prayer and worship, I find truth and congruity in yoga and the life of Jesus.

This paper is my humble attempt to share those truths, yet OM BOLO SHRI SAT GURU BHAGAVAN KI! God is the only teacher of truth!

I encourage you to experience for yourself the inherent opening of the senses that yoga will bestow, and witness that God is there. Let us worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  Jai!