In thinking about how this blog could better HELP people and provide service, I started reading 31 Days to Build A Better Blog. Day 1’s assignment is to craft an elevator pitch for your blog.

One of the questions suggested to ask yourself while developing an elevator pitch is “What words come to mind as you think about your blog?”

A fun, free exercise to determine precisely what words are being USED on a website is wordle.

You input a website, wordle scans the contents and provides a graphic of the most used words with size indicating frequency of use.

I believe I’ve written a decent summary of this blog in the ABOUT section. But synthesizing its purpose to an elevator pitch isn’t a bad idea. So here we go:


Perfect Peace Yoga – Elevator Pitch

I practice and teach yoga to remember blessings, realize love and reach peace.
I blog about yoga to plant seeds for others do the same.


I think the tag line for this blog “planting seeds of peace for the mind, body and spirit” encapsulates the notion that these words shared are no doubt for my benefit, helping me fine tune my life lessons and focus.

But my hope is that they might also offer some inspiration seeds for others to recognize how good life is, refocus thoughts if needed in order to remember and maybe even roll out their yoga mat as a means to put the thankfulness into movement.

I’m glad the Perfect Peace Yoga wordle shows yoga, Christianity, worship, God, Jesus and life in large letters! I’m on the right track there.

I think for the future, I should be adding in more content on prayer, meditation and PEACE (as that is the ultimate goal). I’d like to wordle those words into a larger font size…and no that is not a euphemism.

If you have any thoughts or comments for how you would like to see/read/receive from this blog, I welcome your input in the comments below.