I have long been a believer in the healing properties of aromatherapy. Just like a certain scent can trigger a strong memory, select scents can also serve us to regulate moods.

Recently, I’ve been enjoying several scent related items stored in my desk to assist in creating the appropriate ‘type of peace’ I need at the moment.


Some examples are:

  1. Aveda composition oils.
    I have both the calming and energizing oils. Before I give a presentation at work, I help myself to whichever version best suits that moment and rub some on my wrists, temples and even right under my nose.A few drops helps shift my energy and away I go. (These also make great gifts!)

    These oils are good for your body, scalp and bath. They are basically ‘put these anywhere’ oils.

  2. AuraCacia Aromatherapy Mist
    This brand name creates great mists and essential oils.But right now I’m stocking the Awakening mist in Eucalyptus Harvest scent.So light weight and refreshing, a few pumps of this on my face and even if the coffee hasn’t kicked in, I’m feeling more on top of things.

    I also like the mist medium to spritz over students during savasana – of course I don’t use the Awakening fragrance then!

  3. Wyndmere Essential Oils
    Essential oils are the backbone of almost every other scent medium listed here. They are usually a distillation obtained directly from the plant so the resulting liquid captures the true scent “essence” the plant has to offer.You can use essential oils by themselves as a concetrated fragrance.

    (Be careful if you have sensitive skin. Do a small test drop first. Also only a very small amount is needed if applying directly to the body as these  oils are so strong.)

    You can also add several drops of one or more scents into almost any bath or body product of choice to customize your scent. Which brings me to…

  4. DIY body/room sprays, lotions and oils
    You are only limited by your imagination in this category. I have created all three varietys of DIY scents and enjoyed each.Currently at my desk is a straight up patchouli body spray. Using distilled water and several drops of Wyndmere Patchouli Oil, I release my inner hippie with frequency by spritzing away.

    I also keep a lavender spray in the console of my Jeep. This helps keep me smelling right if the work day has gotten a tad sweaty. It also keeps me calm in bad DC traffic.

    Finally, I’ve also used this spray on students during savasana.By simply adding essential oils to a base of unfragranced lotion, distilled water, an epsom and sea salt blend or carrier oil (usually vegetable based), you can create your own uniquely scented lotions, body/room sprays, bath salts or massage oils.

  5. Jivamukti China Gel
    This item is more to soothe my aches and pains then for the scent, though the original get has a nice (to me) minty scent.I’ll rub this on my shoulders if I’ve been hunching over my computer too long and my neck/shoulder connection is too tight.

    If available, I’ll also rub this gel onto yoga students during class:  on their low back in a forward fold or on their neck/shoulders in tadasana or pigeon. It’s a nice muscle relaxer that helps to open up commonly tight areas and the minty scent is just icing.

  6. Burt’s Bees Hand Creme and Salve
    I have both creme and salve at my desk. Friends and family know I’m a sucker for most Burt’s Bees products and will regularly gift these to me.I like how Burt’s Bees offers many different travel size kits so you can try out their products before committing. I then take the travel size containers and refill them from the full sizes so I can keep my favorites in my purse (or in this case desk).

    The hand creme is thick! Whoa Nelly, a little bit will do and it has an almond scent.

    The salve is much thinner and translucent with a fresh lemony, eucalyptus scent. Both will restore great moisture to your hands.

  7. Morningstar Incense
    I’m a glutton for these shorter, inexpensive incense scents. I have about eight or nine different scents in different rooms of the house.Recently, I picked up a cute little glass from World Market and just filled it with many different flavors for our fireplace mantel. It makes for a nice surprise when you light up as you don’t necessarily know which is which.

    While my favorite incense brands are Nag Champa and Red Crystal, they run just a little more expensive. Morningstar is my ubiquitous incense and even burning several sticks a day won’t bust the budget.

I hope these scent suggestions will give you some inspiration to slather, burn, rub or otherwise apply to you or your environment.

A small trigger to the olfactory system can bring us quickly from a place of stress to a place of release or uplifting. Yogi’s choice.